Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Turkey

I'm the WORST at updating this blog! Kate is crawling and pulling up on everything so its a full time job just following her around on her adventures! When she naps I run around the house like a crazy person trying to get things done and then before I know it, she's up again and we're back to playing!

I just love being a stay at home mommy! She is changing so much every day and it is such a blessing to be able to enjoy every minute.
Kate had a great first Thanksgiving! She is trying to self feed more and more so we let her go to town on a sweet potato. She thoroughly enjoyed eating it and wearing it.

Here she is with Honey. She loved spending time with her only aunt. She kept looking back and forth between us like maybe my sister was Mommy 2.0! :)

Looking thoroughly impressed with her first nativity set. That I painstakingly set up perfectly and she tore through like a little godzilla. A process we've repeated countless times to her delight.
A lucky little girl! Honey brought her a gift straight from FAO Schwarz in NYC! She enjoyed the wrapping far more than her first doll...but I guess that will change eventually. :)
Storytime with Gigi. It was so great having mom and dad and Courtney here for Thanksgiving and to start the Christmas season!

Looking forward to seeing Mimi and Poppy soon too!

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