Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Kate's a daddy's girl...trust me, it takes one to know one. I was just uploading Kate's 5 month (!) photo shoot pics and flipping back through older shots marveling over how much she has changed already. And the pictures that I always linger a little longer over and that just make my heart bubble over are the ones of my daughter and her daddy. These are just a few of my favorites.
This was the first time he held her...

I'll never forget the look on his face. I had the privilege and blessing of watching my husband fall in love with our daughter at first sight. The memory of that moment still makes my eyes fill up.

Sleep was hard to come by in those first weeks filled with our new baby and new life as a family. Kate found no trouble finding a comfortable place to crash though...just look at her sweet baby smile. It's amazing how God makes tiny little baby bodies fit perfectly in daddy's arms.
First Father's Day...I just love this picture. Anyone that knows my husband knows he's a "man's man." I love seeing him holding his dainty little girl in a lacy yellow dress...with her teeny tiny feet cupped in one protective hand.
A shot of just an ordinary day and ordinary things...he's reading "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters" because he takes his new role seriously and wants to be the father that God wants him to be. Even though she's still small, there's an urgency to this parenting thing...because like it or not, we're on the clock and have only so long to live as a family all under one roof. The way we love her (and each other) matters so incredibly much...in the ordinary, every day moments that will become her childhood, adolescence and beyond he makes sure he is intentional in loving her well and pointing her towards her heavenly Father.
I really love this one. He has broad, tough guy shoulders...that make the perfect headrest for a fabulously pink headband.
She looks just like him. I'm sure I must be in there somewhere but I love seeing him in her wide smile and her bright hazel eyes. These are the hands that first held her...that will hold the back of her first two wheeler bike until she says "let go"...that will teach her how to swing a softball bat...that will fold in prayer daily for this incredible gift...that will one day, Lord willing, walk her down an aisle and place her hands in the hands of another man. A man that I hope and pray is just like her daddy.
And this...this is the face of a content, and well-loved little girl. She can't exactly sit up on her own yet...but even long after she can, I think she'll always know who she can lean on.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Jake and his new role as a Daddy. I'm sure those pictures and words will be encouraging for both of you to look back on in coming years through all the good times and struggles that go along with parenting.

  2. You made me cry! Beautiful post. Someday you'll have to read this at her wedding.

  3. Aw this was so sweet, it made me cry! What a good Daddy! It really is such an amazing thing watching them become Dads :)