Thursday, August 19, 2010

Solid Foods

We started Kate on some rice cereal recently and she's doing great! Most of it ends up in her mouth so I think that counts as success! She doesn't seem overly crazy about it...and I can't say I blame her after trying the stuff. We're planning to try sweet potatoes this weekend so that's got to be a step up from cereal in the taste department.

"I'll take it from here, mom..."

Everyone had warned me about how messy meal time can be. I thought we were doing pretty well in keeping the mess contained until this morning. This morning one tiny foot connected perfectly with the cup of cereal I was holding and it went EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. It was even on Deacon (who incidentally seemed to enjoy the rice cereal and helping with clean up). I think Kate is trying to tell me enough with the cereal, bring on the good stuff!
The last few days, I've really intentionally cherished every moment with Kate...even the ones where I'm on hands and knees cleaning rice cereal...or changing my outfit because of spit up that opportunely accessorized my clothes right before we hit the door...or tired and cranky at 5am when I have to get up and start the day long before I'm ready. Friends of one of my dear friends are dealing with the tragic loss of their little boy and it just has made me so grateful for every moment that God has given me this little lady to mother. Please take a minute to go here and let this sweet family know that there are lots of prayers lifting them up. Pray that our Heavenly Father, who knows what it feels like to lose a Son, will comfort them in the way that only He can.
And if you are a mommy, I highly recommend my friend Keli's blog that I linked to above. She writes beautifully about being a mom and I am always encouraged and challenged after reading her posts.

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