Thursday, July 15, 2010


We think Kate is starting the whole teething process. These days she is a drooling machine and can't keep little fingers out of her mouth!

I've started putting Kate in her playpen for a few minutes a day with some fun stuff to look at so that will be another fun place to her to hang out. She doesn't nap so well (though we're doing much better in that department!) so I've got to come up with other options so I can eventually get stuff done around here! :)

She really seems to be enjoying it her little space!

She LOVES that Laugh N' Learn Puppy pictured above. She'll spot him on her bookshelf and just start smiling before we even start playing with him. That's definitely her favorite toy right now so we spend lots of time playing with him...and I live with those little songs in my head constantly! :)

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