Friday, July 9, 2010

Party Animal

I had a birthday last week. I guess it's considered a big one since it ends in "0"! :) Kate got all dolled up for the occasion...
Something about babies in animal print cracks me up. Not to mention the comically large flower headband. The whole thing just works, no?
Kate looks less than amused in this one:

She still has big, beautiful blue eyes! They've lightened up from the steely blue newborn eyes, but I think she'll probably end up with the greenish/brownish eyes Jake and I both have. You've probably also noticed her little birthmark on her arm. The technical term is hemangioma (or something like that). It wasn't there at birth but appeared a couple weeks later. According to the pediatrician, it will grow until she is about 9 months and then start shrinking until it disappears about the time she turns 3. Crazy! For now, I just call it a little angel kiss because it looks like a lipstick mark!

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