Monday, July 19, 2010


Since she came home, one of our favorite nicknames for Kate is "Katybug" or just "bug." So when I spotted this ladybug beanbag chair there was no doubt she was coming home with us! Kate is clearly as excited as I am about this purchase...

Kate is rolling from back to tummy now! She started rolling tummy to back a couple days before she turned 2 months and the past few days has been all about getting to that tummy. Which is funny because when I try to get her to do tummy time she has little interest...but when she turns herself she's just content as can be with her new point of view! She first rolled over a couple nights ago...I checked in on her on the video monitor and she was on her tummy! I was so excited to see her repeat it the next day when she was awake...and I didn't have to wait long because now I can't lay her down on her back without her turning right over.

This mommy stuff is so exciting! :)


  1. Wow! She's an early roller. I love her little expression in that picture!

  2. Go Katybug! (adorable)

    She is just beautiful, Christie! *where the heck did she get that from?! Love all the pictures of her!!

  3. Hi! Forgot to pop in here. I have your food blog in my reader but not this one. Kate is so cute! Love those cheeks!