Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday Best

We've taken Kate to church the past 2 Sundays and I'm having the best time getting her ready! She sleeps through the entire service which is probably a good thing at this point...she's likely exhausted after I get her dressed and take a thousand photos before we head out the door! :)
This little dress was mine when I was a baby. I'm really glad my mom held on to some of my little dresses because it is so fun to put Kate in them! She obviously is having the time of her life:

A little happier in this ensemble. The bonnet didn't last long because I was fairly sure it was choking her. She has a neck in there somewhere I promise.

Here I think she's probably contemplating what in the world I'm going to make her wear next!

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  1. I also love dressing the girls for Sunday and two girls is double the fun :) She is so adorable! She really is a mix of you two. Some pictures she looks like Jake and some pictures like you! I can't believe she is already two months!!