Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Special Buddies

Three posts in rapid-fire succession...must be naptime! :) Kate is a great sleeper at night (10hours!) but not so into napping. I'm lucky to get 3 naps out of her each one lasting no longer than 40 minutes. She's a big fan of the 10-20 minute power nap and then she's ready to get back to playing!

Deacon and Kate are really enjoying each other these days! Deacon was always a big fan of Kate but she's really starting to notice him now too. Love at first sight for Deac...

Deacon makes sure he's always close at hand in case Kate needs anything.

And I mean close...

Just try to get a family picture without him...


He was pretty sure there was just enough room for him in between Jake and me.

Deacon has always been really attached to us and it is fun to see how much he loves Kate. From the time we brought her home he got in the habit of checking her playpen and crib for her...he starts wagging his tail in anticipation of seeing her before he even gets to her room.

She is starting to return his affection...

He hates it when she really cries...he joins in with her and starts howling. Which I think is his way of trying to comfort her (and it actually does work sometimes) but it could be he's complaining about the noise (he has headed for the back door a couple times when she was really inconsolable).

I'm pretty sure Deacon is already expecting good things to come his way via this highchair!

So Big!

This little munchkin is growing up fast! This outfit with the little shorts cracks me up. Apparently it does the same for Kate.

This week she tried out her bebepod and was able to sit there all by herself! I've been putting her in there every now and then but have been helping her out with the head support but now she's pretty much got that mastered.

Here's Kate trying out her highchair for the first time. She seemed to like having her own seat at the table. And I enjoyed having a meal without a little one in my lap and little fingers in my food!

Four Generations

Hurry and check out this picture because Jake is gonna make me take it down as soon as he sees it! :) I just couldn't miss the opportunity to get a picture of 4 generations when we had family visiting this past weekend!

Here's Kate and her great grandmother! She's lucky enough to have 2 great grandparents!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Kate has just started to hold and hug her lovie doll during story cute!

She coos and babbles to her...likely offering her editorial review of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?"

And finally decides she'd better have a taste in case the lovie is remotely edible.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there! Kate and I had fun doing a little photo shoot so we could fill up the digital frame we got for Jake. I think they turned out so cute!

This last picture just might be my favorite one so far! I think she already look like a little girl in it and just love her little smile and chubby legs!

We had a great time celebrating Jake's first father's day today! Kate already realizes her dad is hilarious and just can't help but smile whenever she sees him. She does this really cute thing too where she catches his eye and smiles and then turns her face like she's playing with him. I just love seeing the two of them together.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Months!

I'm a bit late with this post...I guess that's life with a newborn for you! Kate is now almost 11 weeks, but here are the photos I snapped when she was 2 months. At her 2 month appointment she was 24" long and 13 lbs...95th and 90th percentile respectively for those of you keeping track at home.

Kate loves playing on her activity mat is so fun to watch her notice things around her. Two days ago she really started noticing Deacon and now she just smiles and smiles whenever he comes into her view. Kate rolled over for the first time just before she turned 2 months...I think that 95th percentile sized head got slightly off center during tummy time and over she went! She's repeated it several times since but never when I have the camera on her of course! :)

She still loves her bath and it is an essential part of our bedtime routine. She sleeps like nobody's business at night...usually 10-11 hours. But the trade off is she only cat naps during the day...usually when we're in the car and for 20 minutes at a time at most. She just doesn't want to miss any of the action I guess!

Kate started a little music class at our church 2 weeks ago and it is super cute. She really seems to enjoy the music and people watching the other little babies in the class. Here she is before class yesterday.

She's just an amazingly easy going baby so far. I think morning is still my most favorite time of day with her. I love peeking over her crib and seeing her smile widely when she sees me. Her stretches after she is set free from the swaddle are just precious. She doesn't normally cry when she wakes up in the morning...I usually have to just keep checking the video monitor and sure enough, when she's ready to get up there she is just looking into the camera like "come on in and get me!"

Kate and I are really looking forward to Sunday and celebrating Jake's first father's day! He's such a great daddy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday Best

We've taken Kate to church the past 2 Sundays and I'm having the best time getting her ready! She sleeps through the entire service which is probably a good thing at this point...she's likely exhausted after I get her dressed and take a thousand photos before we head out the door! :)
This little dress was mine when I was a baby. I'm really glad my mom held on to some of my little dresses because it is so fun to put Kate in them! She obviously is having the time of her life:

A little happier in this ensemble. The bonnet didn't last long because I was fairly sure it was choking her. She has a neck in there somewhere I promise.

Here I think she's probably contemplating what in the world I'm going to make her wear next!