Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party Girl

Kate was invited to her first party this past weekend! She got all dolled up for her buddy Bishop's first birthday!
Here she is ready to go! And wide awake which had us nervous!

She dozed off as we walked into the party and slept for a while. But once she woke up she really seemed to like all the activity around her. I'm pretty sure she wanted a piece of the giant cupcake Bishop was enjoying!

It seems like yesterday that Bishop was about this size which makes me realize yet again just how quickly time flies by. I know we'll be celebrating Kate's first birthday before we know it so I'm just trying to soak up every minute of this special time while she's so small!


  1. so am i the only one who notices?

    because she does this thing ...

    where in one picture i'm all like "oh, sweet little mini-me christie!!!" and the next minute i'm like "how'd she convince jake to pose in a purple bow?"

    she's utterly edible, but she's a chameleon, that kate. or maybe i'm just projecting -- since we both know that my DNA has zero chance of actually making an aesthetic appearance in the canteloupe i'm carrying around...

  2. Haha we say the same thing! We can't decide who she looks like more! I'm thinking your little girl is going to be your clone...can't wait til she's here!!