Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1 Month Old!

Happy One Month Birthday to Kate and Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone else! Here are some recent pics!

I can't believe how quickly a month has gone by! I feel like Kate has already changed so much! It doesn't seem like a whole month ago we were bringing her home. I think we've gotten some real smiles out of our little girl and they just make us melt. She's started cooing some and loves watching the bear mobile above her swing. She naps most of the morning away but then is up pretty much the whole afternoon and evening until bed time. Kate LOVES her bath and fusses when it is time to get out of the water. She also really likes looking out the window next to her changing table...lucky for her we seem to spend a lot of time there! :)
Deacon, of course, had to get a closer look at the photo shoot.

And scene. She was pretty accomodating of my thousands of pictures but then she was over it. I think her little frown is too cute!

And lastly a little Cinco de Mayo siesta! :) At least one of us around here is getting some sleep! Actually I think Kate's size has helped her be a pretty good sleeper from day one. She only wakes up once at night now so we're getting a pretty good 5-6 hour stretch of sleep most nights.

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