Monday, April 19, 2010

Lessons Learned

We have a whole 2 weeks of experience as parents...but we've already learned some valuable lessons.

For one, every girl looks great in leopard print:

Secondly, it's tough to keep these cute outfits clean! It's a good idea to make sure your baby is really done pooping before you attempt to change her diaper (by the way, I had no idea it was possible to talk about poop as much as we have over the last 2's pretty much all we talk about).

I thought I was on the ball with this one...I'd give her some time after the telltale red faced, leg pumping action and then painstakingly pull up the onesie and remove the cute socks so nothing would be tainted. She has these really adorable Winnie the Pooh socks that are about the only ones we can keep on her so I'm particularly careful with those! Well, lets just say that once you remove the socks, you may also want to consider the trajectory and path a good projectile poop may take...I wish someone had noted that in all the pregnancy/preparing for baby books I read. We may have been able to avoid this:

Believe me, the irony of the above picture wasn't lost on me even in the middle of the night.

She's Here!!

Kate Elizabeth arrived at 7:22 am on Monday, April 5th! It was a looooong labor but so worth it once we were able to meet our little girl! She was a whopping 9lbs and 12ozs and 21 inches long (which might help to explain why the labor was quite difficult...we were all shocked at her size!). But she's perfectly healthy and wonderful in every way and we're just overwhelmed by how much we adore her! She's 2 weeks old today and while we are totally sleep deprived, I can't believe how fast the time is going.
Here she is at just a couple minutes old! She was so alert when she was born and just seemed content to look around and take everything in. She seems to be pretty calm overall so far...though she can get a cry going that sounds like goat boy if she's good and hungry!

First car ride home from the hospital!

All dolled up for her first doctor's appointment. I love this little smile and her roly poly arm!

I can't get enough of the hairbands and bows. Jake is concerned that they are getting larger every day!

This was my bonnet when I was a baby. Kate is a great sport and let my mom, sister and I play dress up with her!

We're still trying to figure out who she looks like...she definitely has my long fingers and her daddy's long toes but other than that the jury is still out. Some people think she absolutely looks like Jake and others think she absolutely looks like me so I guess we'll just have to wait and see as she gets older!