Wednesday, March 24, 2010

39 week belly

I'm 38 weeks and 4 days so I'm into my 39th week! And here's what a 39 week belly (and one tired mama) looks like...

I don't know why I got so many striped maternity shirts. Horizontal stripes are not a big belly's friend! The pressure I'm feeling now makes me think she has dropped but I don't think you can really tell from the pictures. And complete strangers still insist I'm having a boy since I'm carrying all up front...if that's the case, he'd better like pink!

So far I've opted not to have any internal exams and hope that curiosity won't get the best of me and I'll just be patient for labor to start whenever that may be! Friday is my last day of work before I officially become a stay at home mom...I'd love to have some time to rest and get ready next week but we'll see what little miss Kate has in mind! I'm not really having contractions or increased braxton hicks or anything that makes me think labor is really imminent. My doctor will let me go to 41 weeks (according to a Harvard study the average first pregnancy lasts 41 weeks and 1 day) before talking about induction which would happen prior to 42 weeks. Because we're hoping to go the natural route, we're really hoping we can avoid having to induce labor.

We finished up our childbirth classes last night which was hard to believe. We started them 12 weeks ago and I remember us talking about how they would take us pretty much to our due date. That went by so fast! All 8 couples in the class were able to finish out the series...the first baby is due 3/29 and there are 2 of us due on 4/3 so we'll see who welcomes their little girl first (of 8 couples, 6 are expecting baby girls!).

Hopefully I don't have too many more belly shot posts before a birth announcement! :)

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  1. i was hoping for a photo of the shrek feet, but i suppose this will do. you look great!