Wednesday, March 3, 2010

36 Weeks

36 weeks has really gone by fast! I can't believe we're at the stage of packing the hospital bags and stocking the freezer with easy meals! We had our hospital tour this past Sunday and that definitely made everything seem way more real. Just a few more weeks til we get to meet our little girl!

How much bigger can this belly get?!

We just have a rocking chair to paint for the nursery and we will be finished. I'll post more pictures of her room once that is done since now we have her curtains hung and cute little things on the walls. We're also hoping to install the car seats this weekend so we'll have time to get them inspected before Kate's arrival! Beyond that and picking up some last minute things, we really are as ready as we're going to be! I had hoped to have the month of March to really just relax and enjoy our last few weeks just the 2 of us. So far so good...we were able to go to dinner and a movie last weekend and then meet friends for dinner on 2 other nights!


  1. Wow, time flies! You look so adorable! Sounds like you are prepared and can sit back and relax. Enjoy! -laura wray-lake

  2. You look too cute! Congrats to you both!

  3. Good for you! (not that I'm a parent but I've heard) Take these last few weeks to enjoy sleep and your husband... so excited for you guys!

  4. You look great! All belly! Here's some last words of advice: Go to more movies! I definitely miss the ability to just get up and go the movies whenever we want. And you should do something really fun and spontaneous. Once little Kate joins the household, it takes soooo much planning to do ANYTHING! (do I sound like I miss my freedom a little?) :-)