Thursday, March 25, 2010

Predictions & Presidents...

...the stuff really good pregnancy dreams are made of!

It's been a while since I've posted about the crazy dreams I've had since being pregnant...but that by no means indicates that they've gone back to "normal."

A looooong time ago, like 4months or so I would say, I had a dream that we got a letter in the mail from our OB. And the letter was pretty much just to go ahead and let us know that our baby would arrive at 4pm on March 25th. Wouldn't it be nice if you could plan it out that way?! Well, guess what today is? :) If Kate is making her debut by 4pm, she'd better get going!

Just a couple nights ago I had a dream that I, in all my 9 months pregnant glory, single-handedly thwarted an assassination attempt on George W. Bush. You're welcome, world. I was like the toughest secret service you've ever seen, just incredibly pregnant. I woke up after W was safe and sound along with Mama Barbara and daughter idea where Jenna was. I was laughing and telling Jake about it saying "you know, I really thought he would have had more of an idea of what to do being a past president and all but I really had to hold his hand through the whole ordeal." I'm sure he was quite grateful for my expertise. I promise I haven't even watched a single episode of 24 yet this year (we're saving up for a post baby marathon) so I have no idea where that dream came from!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

39 week belly

I'm 38 weeks and 4 days so I'm into my 39th week! And here's what a 39 week belly (and one tired mama) looks like...

I don't know why I got so many striped maternity shirts. Horizontal stripes are not a big belly's friend! The pressure I'm feeling now makes me think she has dropped but I don't think you can really tell from the pictures. And complete strangers still insist I'm having a boy since I'm carrying all up front...if that's the case, he'd better like pink!

So far I've opted not to have any internal exams and hope that curiosity won't get the best of me and I'll just be patient for labor to start whenever that may be! Friday is my last day of work before I officially become a stay at home mom...I'd love to have some time to rest and get ready next week but we'll see what little miss Kate has in mind! I'm not really having contractions or increased braxton hicks or anything that makes me think labor is really imminent. My doctor will let me go to 41 weeks (according to a Harvard study the average first pregnancy lasts 41 weeks and 1 day) before talking about induction which would happen prior to 42 weeks. Because we're hoping to go the natural route, we're really hoping we can avoid having to induce labor.

We finished up our childbirth classes last night which was hard to believe. We started them 12 weeks ago and I remember us talking about how they would take us pretty much to our due date. That went by so fast! All 8 couples in the class were able to finish out the series...the first baby is due 3/29 and there are 2 of us due on 4/3 so we'll see who welcomes their little girl first (of 8 couples, 6 are expecting baby girls!).

Hopefully I don't have too many more belly shot posts before a birth announcement! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

12 Days and Counting...

I'm still here and still pregnant! We have 12 days til our 4/3 due date! And I'm definitely feeling it. I'm so blessed to have felt so well during this entire pregnancy and really can't complain much now except for a nagging backache and an ailment that can only be described as "shrek feet." Well, they're not green...just puffy!

This is my last week of work and I'm hoping baby girl decides to stay put long enough for me to have a couple days of rest next week before her arrival. We spent most of this past weekend relaxing which was so nice. For every walk we took around the neighborhood with Deacon, I took a nap so that's pretty much awesome. And yesterday after church was a stormy, rainy afternoon so it was perfect for hanging around the was the kind of rain where you could have your windows open and enjoy the sound without the weather coming of my favorite things. We're really trying to soak up as much of this "just the two of us" time as we can while we can.

I'll try to get a 39 week snapshot of the belly on my iphone later to post. Our real camera and video camera are all charged up and packed away in the hospital bags...all ready and waiting!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

36 Weeks

36 weeks has really gone by fast! I can't believe we're at the stage of packing the hospital bags and stocking the freezer with easy meals! We had our hospital tour this past Sunday and that definitely made everything seem way more real. Just a few more weeks til we get to meet our little girl!

How much bigger can this belly get?!

We just have a rocking chair to paint for the nursery and we will be finished. I'll post more pictures of her room once that is done since now we have her curtains hung and cute little things on the walls. We're also hoping to install the car seats this weekend so we'll have time to get them inspected before Kate's arrival! Beyond that and picking up some last minute things, we really are as ready as we're going to be! I had hoped to have the month of March to really just relax and enjoy our last few weeks just the 2 of us. So far so good...we were able to go to dinner and a movie last weekend and then meet friends for dinner on 2 other nights!