Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work Baby Shower

My sweet coworkers had a baby shower for me today at the office! I was blown away by their thoughtfulness and generosity!

There were cupcakes...of course!

And these adorable homemade "It's a girl!" treats...

Fabulously pink gifts...

And all kinds of cuddly outfits and toys for Kate to enjoy!

I look especially excited about opening this one...and that was before I knew it was her highchair!

Babies sure come with a lot of "gear." We probably should get to work putting some of this stuff together. The UPS man has been at our door pretty much every evening and made some comment last time along the lines of "good luck putting all this together." Now that the painting of the nursery is done (it looks SO cute!) we'll have to start getting into some of these big boxes and assembling!

These pictures also help to confirm my sneaking suspicion that my nose has definitely gotten bigger since getting pregnant! Totally unfair...with everything else getting bigger, the face should be off limits!

1 comment:

  1. Whatever dude, you look great. And most of all, super happy and excited to meet your little Kate!

    So... uh, pictures of the nursery, please!