Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Snow Shower

There was supposed to be a baby shower for little Kate Elizabeth this past weekend in Virginia Beach...but we woke up to this on Saturday AM...

And it just kept on falling...

And falling until we had about 9 good inches of the white stuff.

This type of snow was the stuff of dreams when I was a kid. The kind you hoped for everytime the weather man even hinted at the word "flurries." This type of snow hadn't happened since the year I was must be something in our genes that causes baby girls to bring this type of winter weather to the beach! And as much as I love snow, I couldn't have been more disappointed because it caused us to cancel what would have undoubtedly been the best tea party baby shower ever!

This was the AMAZING cake! It was made by the same lady that made my wedding cake...she is incredible! This one had a yellow layer and a chocolate layer with chocolate mousse and raspberry in between. So good.

And these were the 30 unique tea cups for each guest that they would have taken home with them...

And the cookies...Don't they look amazingly good?!

And this is a real treasure...the lovely hostess had each guest write down some words of wisdom for me as a new mom to be and compiled them. They could be prayers or funny things about life as a mom...really just anything that they thought would be helpful to know once Kate arrives! I just loved reading what other moms treasured about having a child...and I know I'll continue to reread their words frequently!

Thanks to my family and friends who planned such a special shower for me! We'll just have to have a sip and see after the baby arrives...snow shouldn't be as big an issue come spring and summer! :)


  1. Oh Christie, I'm so sorry your shower was canceled! What a cute idea for a shower! Hopefully you will be able to have it in the spring once Kate arrives like you said. Did you eat the cake? :-)

  2. You know I ate some cake! I brought some back to FL with me too! :) My mom's friends that lived close enough to walk over came by on Saturday for some cake and presents so I got to have a little party which was fun! We still can't believe we got snowed out!