Thursday, December 31, 2009

Third Trimester?!?

So I'm sitting just 1 day away from entering into the third trimester...and wondering how on earth I got this far along already! Seriously, people, childbirth classes start next Tuesday! I'm starting to realize I'm going to actually have this sweet baby girl in just a few months...we probably should get cracking on the nursery...

We had a doctor's appointment this morning and I just love getting to hear her heartbeat. Even though I feel her squirming around all day long it is just such a sweet sound to hear that rhythmic pulse. I do get hours of entertainment from watching my tummy move these will poke out quickly in one place and then bulge out later in other place where she is settling in. I'm thankful that in all the moving and shaking she has migrated off the sciatic nerve...that was some make-you-stop-in-your-tracks-and-hold-your-breath kind of pain for a couple days.

We wonder what Deacon thinks is going on as I'm starting to take up more and more space on the couch and in the bed. He probably thinks I've really let myself go. He had his head on my tummy the other evening on the couch and the baby definitely kicked him so maybe he suspects something is up! :)

Here's the latest bump shot at 27 weeks. Man, my hair is getting long.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. We are so looking forward to 2010 and welcoming our daughter in to the world!


  1. I can't believe you are that far along too! Time flies :)Hope your third trimester is as fast as the rest of the pregnancy!

  2. I didn't notice your hair at all... moreso your cute belly! YEA for Baby Stump in 2010!