Monday, December 14, 2009

Deacon Turns Two!

Our furbaby, Deacon, turned 2 this past Thursday so of course we had to do it up and celebrate such a milestone! This time last year he was recovering from major hip surgery so it was fun to be able to celebrate sans tranquilizers and pain pills this year!:)
Here are some pics of the festivities...He was hungry for dinner here and unamused at my taking his picture.

This was as far away from the turkey that he ever got while I was preparing his dinner (a Rachael Ray pet friendly meal--it was a sort of pot pie with turkey, gravy and veggies).

Again, looking awfully impatient waiting for me to tell him it was ok to dig in!

Must have been good considering he licked the bowl clean.

And then on to dessert!! A "pup"cake from his favorite dog bakery. He always starts by licking the frosting off...can't say that I blame him.

I captured his opening of his present on our new Flip video camera...and if my voice didn't sound like I was the one turning 2 I just might try to figure out how to upload it here. He got a hedgehog toy that was stuffed with 16 individual squeakers. Yeah, there was a reason it was so drastically on sale months ago when I picked it one else is foolish enough to give their dog such a torturous device! Thankfully, he took it relatively easy on us squeaker wise.

Can't wait for his 3rd birthday when we'll have another little family member to wear a party hat!

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  1. What a big boy!! Bella sends her birthday wishes. I wonder what kind of 3rd bday he will have once little girl arrives?