Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Baby Bump is Growing...

Here's my 24 week baby bump picture and you can definitely tell I'm pregnant now! I started getting comments from strangers about week 22 but they still kind of surprise me!

I already feel like my belly is HUGE...I can't even fathom what 40 weeks might look like! At our 23 week appointment, the doctor said she is measuring in the 70th percentile sizewise so she's bigger than your average babe. I hope she doesn't take after her 8lb+ mother when she's born! :)

She moves around quite a bit these days which is always fun...well except for the occasional swift kick to the ribs from the inside...that I could probably do without!

I'm still so blessed to be feeling really well and just am loving every minute of this miracle! I've noticed it is getting a little harder to bend down and/or get out of bed or up off the couch...I feel like I kind of flounder around like a turtle on its back and can only imagine how much harder that will get the bigger the belly grows!


  1. It's so fun when people start recognizing you are pregnant! People will do anything for a pregnant will get all kinds of help in stores ;)

  2. Yes, enjoy the attention! And you can handle that 8 lb+ baby if I could. You look really great! Keep those belly shots coming! I'm sad we didn't have the chance to see each other in our pregnant states...maybe on baby #2...