Thursday, December 31, 2009

Third Trimester?!?

So I'm sitting just 1 day away from entering into the third trimester...and wondering how on earth I got this far along already! Seriously, people, childbirth classes start next Tuesday! I'm starting to realize I'm going to actually have this sweet baby girl in just a few months...we probably should get cracking on the nursery...

We had a doctor's appointment this morning and I just love getting to hear her heartbeat. Even though I feel her squirming around all day long it is just such a sweet sound to hear that rhythmic pulse. I do get hours of entertainment from watching my tummy move these will poke out quickly in one place and then bulge out later in other place where she is settling in. I'm thankful that in all the moving and shaking she has migrated off the sciatic nerve...that was some make-you-stop-in-your-tracks-and-hold-your-breath kind of pain for a couple days.

We wonder what Deacon thinks is going on as I'm starting to take up more and more space on the couch and in the bed. He probably thinks I've really let myself go. He had his head on my tummy the other evening on the couch and the baby definitely kicked him so maybe he suspects something is up! :)

Here's the latest bump shot at 27 weeks. Man, my hair is getting long.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. We are so looking forward to 2010 and welcoming our daughter in to the world!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Baby

Couldn't resist the urge to accessorize Baby Girl's ultrasound pic for the holidays!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Baby Bump is Growing...

Here's my 24 week baby bump picture and you can definitely tell I'm pregnant now! I started getting comments from strangers about week 22 but they still kind of surprise me!

I already feel like my belly is HUGE...I can't even fathom what 40 weeks might look like! At our 23 week appointment, the doctor said she is measuring in the 70th percentile sizewise so she's bigger than your average babe. I hope she doesn't take after her 8lb+ mother when she's born! :)

She moves around quite a bit these days which is always fun...well except for the occasional swift kick to the ribs from the inside...that I could probably do without!

I'm still so blessed to be feeling really well and just am loving every minute of this miracle! I've noticed it is getting a little harder to bend down and/or get out of bed or up off the couch...I feel like I kind of flounder around like a turtle on its back and can only imagine how much harder that will get the bigger the belly grows!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Deacon Turns Two!

Our furbaby, Deacon, turned 2 this past Thursday so of course we had to do it up and celebrate such a milestone! This time last year he was recovering from major hip surgery so it was fun to be able to celebrate sans tranquilizers and pain pills this year!:)
Here are some pics of the festivities...He was hungry for dinner here and unamused at my taking his picture.

This was as far away from the turkey that he ever got while I was preparing his dinner (a Rachael Ray pet friendly meal--it was a sort of pot pie with turkey, gravy and veggies).

Again, looking awfully impatient waiting for me to tell him it was ok to dig in!

Must have been good considering he licked the bowl clean.

And then on to dessert!! A "pup"cake from his favorite dog bakery. He always starts by licking the frosting off...can't say that I blame him.

I captured his opening of his present on our new Flip video camera...and if my voice didn't sound like I was the one turning 2 I just might try to figure out how to upload it here. He got a hedgehog toy that was stuffed with 16 individual squeakers. Yeah, there was a reason it was so drastically on sale months ago when I picked it one else is foolish enough to give their dog such a torturous device! Thankfully, he took it relatively easy on us squeaker wise.

Can't wait for his 3rd birthday when we'll have another little family member to wear a party hat!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Gift of Grandparents

In the span of the past 7 weeks, I said goodbye to my sweet grandfather and adorable grandmother (Pock and Nana as we called them). And it's just had me thinking about how blessed I am to have enjoyed those relationships for 29 years.

Pock was named such because when I was a little girl I couldn't say "Pop" and it always came out "Pock." For better or worse, it stuck and all his grandkids called him Pock thereafter since I was the first!

Pock was such a hardworking, strong man...the kind that always made you feel safe. He loved his family and worked all his life to provide for them. My Nana was just as sweet as could be...such a wonderful Christian woman. She didn't have a negative bone in her body and was such a great encourager. We were fortunate to get to see them often when we were growing up and I will never forget just how overjoyed they were every time we came to visit. They really loved us so well!

In the past several years since going off to college, moving out of state and getting married it was harder and harder to make it up to visit them. But this past year I had an overwhelming sense that I needed to go see them and so we did over mother's day weekend. Just a couple of weeks later my Pock's health really started to deteriorate and he was in and out of the hospital for the rest of his life. I'm so grateful God laid it on my heart to go and spend time with them at that particular time. He was the picture of health then and we had such a nice time visiting. I'll always be thankful for those last memories.

Pock passed away 7 weeks ago and his darling bride wasn't far behind him when she passed away this week. God is so good to not have kept them apart for long! My Nana was afflicted with Alzheimers and the past 6 years she was in a steady decline. In some ways we feel like we had to say goodbye to her years ago when we were last able to have conversations with her. It just makes my heart overflow to think that she is in Heaven now, fully restored and able to talk and spend time (eternity!) with my Pock. He must be so thrilled to have the wife of his youth restored!

Grandparents are such a blessing and I know our little girl is going to be so blessed by her 4 wonderful grandparents. (Not to mentioned spoiled beyond belief since she's the first grandchild on both sides!) I wonder what hilarious names she'll saddle them with before too long! :)