Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's A....


Baby Girl Stump is on her way!! We are so excited to be expecting a daughter and just can't wait to meet her! The entire ultrasound was an amazing experience. It took about an hour to get all the girl was rather shy in letting us get a pic of her adorable profile. My favorite part of the ultrasound besides seeing that cute profile was seeing the itty bitty hands with teeny tiny fingers! She was moving around so much and it was just amazing to watch! It's amazing the detail you can see...she even yawned at one point! It's tough being 20 weeks old I guess! :) Jake and I both found out we kept holding our breath during the hour long ultrasound! She looks just perfect!

She's grown so much since we last saw her at 9 weeks...from looking like a tiny snowman to a perfect little baby! The ultrasound estimated she weighs around 11 ounces and is growing right on schedule since our due date remains unchanged.

So now the fun of buying things that are perfectly pink begins! I'm pretty sure she already has Jake wrapped around her little finger...he already said something about having to buy a pony. Deacon ought to love that too!

I just love knowing what we are expecting and being able to talk about "her" now. I can't wait to get her nursery all ready and have found that I am completely unable to resist buying adorable little girl clothes!


  1. So fun! I have a feeling she will have Jake wrapped around her little finger! Love the pink bow!

  2. Wait! Did that pink bow really show up on the ultrasound? Clearly our little Stump Diva has mommy and Aunt Court's commitment to style. Who knew amniotic fluid could be fashioned so well?

    Let jake know that Beckham has already been checkin' her profile... I'm just sayin'.