Thursday, October 29, 2009

Totally in love

Today was our 18 week appointment!! I can't believe we're just 2 weeks away from the halfway point. It is definitely going along a lot faster now...I'm pretty sure time stopped somewhere between 4 weeks and 6 weeks because that felt like an eternity!

We got to hear the heartbeat again today at 156 precious beats per minute! I could just lay there and listen to that all day...but the other OB patients might not appreciate that so much! So the old wives' tales would say that fast heartbeat is a little girl...we'll know for sure in 2 more weeks! I just can't wait to buy something that is pink or blue! So fun that we'll know in time for Thanksgiving when we'll be spending time with family too! I'm hoping that finding out the gender will help us get a bit more serious about baby names too...some of Jake's suggestions have been absolutely hilarious. I'm not going to post them in here in case some of you leave comments that you like them because that will just fuel his fire!

I've started to feel the baby move (I think)! It isn't really a flutter like I've heard people describe it but feels more like a bubble popping. But I've been feeling it a couple times a day for the past week and I can't think of anything else it could be so it must be our little acrobat!

I think I've run out of sentences I can finish with exclamation points! :) Look for a pink or blue announcement in a couple weeks! Any guesses before then?? (Thanks to Kara's suggestion I added a poll on the right hand side of the page!)


  1. You can post a poll on the blogs - you should totally do that. Can't decide yet what I think the baby is... but I have your next appointment marked on my calendar so I'll be eagerly waiting the news!!!

  2. I vote boy...not sure why. Maybe its the fact that 90% of the people I know who've had babies have had boys. I don't think my vote showed up, though. The little popping feeling is pretty definitely your baby. In those early weeks, I tended to feel him move more when I was bent over, such as sitting in a chair and leaning over. I don't think he liked getting squished like that. By 20 weeks, KZ could see kicks on the outside! And I could feel hiccups by 26 weeks, so you don't have long to go before all those fun sensations!