Thursday, October 29, 2009

Totally in love

Today was our 18 week appointment!! I can't believe we're just 2 weeks away from the halfway point. It is definitely going along a lot faster now...I'm pretty sure time stopped somewhere between 4 weeks and 6 weeks because that felt like an eternity!

We got to hear the heartbeat again today at 156 precious beats per minute! I could just lay there and listen to that all day...but the other OB patients might not appreciate that so much! So the old wives' tales would say that fast heartbeat is a little girl...we'll know for sure in 2 more weeks! I just can't wait to buy something that is pink or blue! So fun that we'll know in time for Thanksgiving when we'll be spending time with family too! I'm hoping that finding out the gender will help us get a bit more serious about baby names too...some of Jake's suggestions have been absolutely hilarious. I'm not going to post them in here in case some of you leave comments that you like them because that will just fuel his fire!

I've started to feel the baby move (I think)! It isn't really a flutter like I've heard people describe it but feels more like a bubble popping. But I've been feeling it a couple times a day for the past week and I can't think of anything else it could be so it must be our little acrobat!

I think I've run out of sentences I can finish with exclamation points! :) Look for a pink or blue announcement in a couple weeks! Any guesses before then?? (Thanks to Kara's suggestion I added a poll on the right hand side of the page!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

15 weeks

We just got back from a fabulous trip to the beach for a nice long weekend. It is still hard for me to believe I was laying out on the beach in mid-October even though I've lived in Florida for 3 years! I should be used to this by now! While I felt like I was definitely starting to have a baby bump in my bikini, the 15 week belly watch picture shown below makes me wonder...I think I see the slightest little bump but I'm afraid it might be wishful thinking! I wake up every morning and check to see if I look pregnant yet...I've been reassured by friends that I will look and feel pregnant for long enough and should just enjoy every minute of it!

While at the beach, I did my best to work on the doctor mandated 4lb weight gain. Hopefully the ice cream cones and dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and one of our favorite Mexican restaurants did their job!

Here's Deacon's 15 weeks shot. He has to be wherever we are and sits right by me for the weekly belly pics so we figured we'd let him be in on the action. He smiled big for the camera in this one! He has no idea what he is in for in April! :)

I did have my first dream where I actually had the baby in my arms just 2 nights ago. It was just the cutest little boy imagineable! :) But it was a little distressing because I'm not sure what his name was...some people were calling him Conner which is nice but other people were calling him Isis which I'm pretty sure isn't even a name. Also featured in this particular dream, was a fish tank which we don't own...and one fish that was able to float right out of the tank and survive somehow just floating around up by the ceiling. It really stressed me out to have a fish floating around the house.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I've been fortunate to experience very few of the not so pleasant pregnancy symptoms so far. I have, however, been having some hilariously strange dreams. You may have thought from the title of this post that I'd be offering up some of our hopes and dreams for our future child here...instead you're going to get a taste of the crazy that has been going on in my head at night! Way more fun, right?

In my favorite dream so far, Jake and I were operating an animal rescue out of our backyard. For those of you that have seen the jungle that is our backyard, it had been totally revamped and looked like a nice habitat you'd find in a zoo or something. Anyway, we were running the rescue for yellow labs, golden retrievers giant male LION. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find a good home for a lion (not to mention the worry he was going to eat your other animals).

In a more recent one, I decided to get 2 tattoos. Because why not? One on each forearm so there was no covering them up. The one on my left arm was my name...but unfortunately it was spelled wrong ("Cihristie"...don't know how that extra I got in there). The one on my right arm was Minnie Mouse. Gorgeous. Have to admit I was relieved when I woke up ink-free from that one.

I wonder what it is about pregnancy that causes strange and incredibly vivid dreams! Those must be some strong hormones!!