Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're Expecting!!

We are thrilled to share the news that we are expecting our first child!! Little one is due to arrive on April 6, 2010 making me around 14 weeks! We are excited beyond words and feel so incredibly blessed. We're so thankful for family and friends that are able to share our makes this amazing time in our lives that much sweeter!

I've loved reading the baby blogs of friends and hope to create my own here. The foodie blog and cupcake blog might suffer but I'm thinking it will be worth it! :)

Here's our baby's very first picture taken at 9 weeks (isn't he/she the cutest?!). Measuring just 2.4cm (about the size of an olive), I think it is amazing that we could see the little arms and legs! Baby was quite active during the ultrasound and it was so incredible to see all that wriggling around. We could also see the heartbeat at that point but had to wait until today to hear the heartbeat for the first time. In just 4 weeks, the baby has grown from 2.4 cm to 3 inches...or from an olive to a lemon!

Overall, I've felt really well so far with just a bit of nausea that was worse in the evenings (what a blessing since I have to get up and get to work in the mornings!) and a general aversion to food (which those of you that check my food blog have likely noticed since I've posted about 3 times since becoming pregnant).

And don't worry about our four-legged baby...We're getting Deacon used to the idea that he'll have company before too long...he proudly sports his "I'm the Big Brother" collar! :)


  1. Love it!!!! Bump to Stump is the cutest name ever!

  2. Congratulations, Christie! What wonderful news!!!

  3. Congrats!! Looking forward to keeping up with things on the "bump"!